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Capstone Professional Resources is the culmination of 25 years experience in the public and private sectors.  Our people have worked directly for the Federal Government, in the private sector providing services to the Federal Government, and led public-private partnerships between public entities and the private sector.


Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to provide a broad range of goods and services to the Federal Government. Over the last 25 years Capstone's leadership has managed the development and worldwide deployment of Department of Defense software systems, performed strategic assessments of  government agencies and recommended changes for more efficient operation, negotiated Enhanced Use Leases among the Federal, state, local governments and private entities, leased over 500,000 square feet of space to Federal tenants, and managed over $150 million in Federal construction.


Capstone Professional Resources is a trade name of NOLA Veteran Ventures, LLC - a verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

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Ken Milvid is the principal of Capstone and a service disabled veteran. He earned a Bachelor of Science in General Engineering from United States Naval Academy and went on to serve as a Naval Aviator, including carrier battle group tours in the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf. Upon separating from active duty, Ken earned his MBA from Tulane University and went to work in the private sector.


Since leaving the Navy, Ken has worked as a business strategy and IT implementation consultant servicing the Federal Government, developed real estate for the public and private sectors, started a software company, and grown a construction company that provides construction for the Federal Government. His 25 years of unique experience has provided him with an acute understanding of the challenges facing the public sector and the ability of the private sector to assist with those challenges.

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